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 The Guild History

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PostSubject: The Guild History   The Guild History EmptySun Sep 06, 2009 9:13 am

The History:
It started with Me and a few of the original members who were from another Guild by the name of The Pyrates [argh],when a few problems started arising with the Guilds Leader, him being in-active and causing arguments with people in the Guild, It was up to me to sort out a new guild for everyone so when we decided to leave I created a new guild with me as the active leader, along with a few officers, and members our guild: Society Of Souls [Argh] was born in the evening on the 17th of November 2005.

The Guild Now:
We're a Medium sized PvE Luxon Guild (who like sqwishing Kurzicks for fun Very Happy) we are a fairly close, and laid back type of guild who like to joke around and laugh with each other and always try to help out when we can. And although the guild very rarely plays PvP/GvG we sometimes try to set up teams for AB, RA or TA, But most of the time we do prefer and enjoy the PvE environment more, which includes most PvE activity's i.e. Dungeons, Vanquishing, Missions, Speedclears (if we can) and sometimes the odd bit of Farming.

Our Rules:
We don't really have many rules apart from the obvious few:
  • Respect all guild and alliance members.
  • Don't spam the chat channels.
  • Try to be active.
  • Try to take part with guild or alliance activity's.
  • Try to use the services provided for you (the forums and ventrillo). And finally...
  • Enjoy your stay with us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Best Wishes from the Me and the Guild.

Miss Find and Seek/Lyndz - Argh's Guild Leader and Founding Member.

The Guild History Lyndzs10
The Guild History 2ppxwrp
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The Guild History
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