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 We've got Dibs on the Body

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Leonardo Da Grinchi
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PostSubject: We've got Dibs on the Body   Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:51 am

Hello, ARGH alliance. Figured I'd introduce Dibs real quick.

We're a laid-back guild that does a lot of the GW:EN SCs. Our main focus is VSF, but we branch out
into Oola's, Kath, Bog, Rragar's, SoO, etc. A few of us know a little UW, FoW, and/or DoA, but most don't.
You'll probably find several Dibbers eager to learn, though.

We've got about 90 members. We're very active, with at least half the roster active every day.

If there are ever any problems with Dibs members, please make sure to take screenshots. Also, here
is a list of our Officers :

Leonardo Da Grinchi (Leader, and Guild Punching Bag)

Zapotec Itlan (Co-leader, Officer, VSF Addict)

Chibi Cherry (Officer, Bonebreaker, and All-Around Troublemaker)

Kaoru Sephroith (Officer, Chibi-Teaser)

Draken Shur (Officer, Jack-Of-All-Trades)

Monk Zan (Officer, Perma-Extraordinaire)

Blade In The Back (Officer, SC Press Gang Leader)

Kaiser Genocide (Officer, Voted : Most Likely to Make Someone Ragequit)

Rayne Of Autumn (Officer, Best Damned Deep/Warrens Guru ever)

Everyone Strip (Officer, Arena Net Banning Target)

Markus Orlis (Officer, Diaper Changer)
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We've got Dibs on the Body
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