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 The Guild History

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PostSubject: The Guild History    Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:33 am

In the Beginning.....

Dibs on the Body started back in 2006 with a bunch of local Iowa gamers that decided to try gaming online, since getting together physically for role-playing was becoming increasingly difficult as peoples' responsibilities (jobs, families, etc.) more frequently interfered with / cancelled gaming sessions. We had all worked at the same superstore, but as we got different jobs, got married, had children, etc., it just became impossible to consistently bring everyone together physically, so Phantasmal Reaper, Zippy Willikens, and I founded the guild, and proceeded to buy friends Prophecies GotY Edition to bring them online.

Necrophilia and Sexual Harassment

The name came from a conversation that took place one night at the superstore where most of us (at the time) worked. At the beginning of the overnight shift, all the employees took part in unloading the semi trailer of merchandise to be stocked on the floor. One particular night, a very attractive young woman had just started her employment. Having never performed physical work of that nature before, at break time, she flopped down in a chair and announced, "I'm so tired I could die!"

Without missing a beat, Su Quata (Dibs member) piped up with, "Dibs on the body!" A guild name was born.....

Growing Pains

The guild slowly grew as we brought more local members in and added in-game friends. I became obsessed with titles, and started heavily recruiting other title-seekers. As a result, Dibs grew very quickly, although we never maxed out membership. When RL made it necessary, devoted guildmembers like Monk Zan and Markus Orlis took over leadership of the guild, and didn't miss a beat. Dibs jumped around between a few small alliances, never really fitting in focus-wise until we hit one that did the Luxon faction MQSC. Since many of us in the guild were concentrating on that title at that time, it was a perfect fit. Most of us maxed it relatively quickly, and started delving into other types of SCs (CoF, SoO, etc.) once GW:EN came out. Dibs continued to grow and prosper over time.

Then Farmageddon hit.......

End of Times ?

The (final) SF nerf (that also nerfed Holy Wrath and several other "farming" skills) crushed Dibs. Virtually every single activity we did as a guild was erased by the skill nerfs in that single, massive update. All of the SCs that brought us together as a guild were no longer do-able (at least for some time). Easy farming with the permasin was all but done away with, which resulted in players no longer having access to easy money anymore. People became disillusioned with the game and stopped playing. Dibs dwindled over the next 6 months or so until there were maybe only 10 members left that still played.


Slowly, the core group started drifting back to the game and reuniting. Dibs started rebuilding, I continued to chat up players without guild tags in outposts, dragging them into Dibs kicking and screaming. One of those unfortunate souls was Zapotec Itlan. For those of you that haven't met him, the man's obsessed with VSF. Razz Zap kept bringing in old friends of his to augment both the VSF teams and the guild. Guild VSF runs became so commonplace that Umbral Grotto pretty much became our guildhall. As more and more people joined, we started branching off into the other GW:EN SCs (BogSC, SoOSC, Kath, Oola's, etc.), bringing in even more players with SC tendencies, but our focus remained VSF (thanks to Zap and other dedicated members).

Deciding that it would be a lot easier to put groups together if we had an alliance of laid-back, like-minded guilds, we decided to start an alliance with the PIOS guild (several PIOS members VSF'd with us frequently). We felt certain we'd find other guilds like us to fill in the rest of the alliance roster.

As a the months rolled on without a lot of additions to the alliance, Dibs' membership continued to grow (to the point that, now, Dibs is maxed out, with over half the membership active on a daily basis). A few of our guys hooked up with a few of the ARGH alliance members in various speed clears. It became known that ARGH was looking for SC guilds - and we were still looking for guilds / an alliance to fit in with. I chatted up Nice Pair Of [QQ], got introduced to Miss Find And Seek, and Dibs and PIOS were brought into the fold.

And here we sit, content in the knowledge that the guild and the alliance are thriving.

Members are happy and active.

Dungeon chests are overflowing with bounty.

Life is good.

Long live the alliance!

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The Guild History
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