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 Ranger Builds

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PostSubject: Ranger Builds   Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:13 am

Post any Ranger builds you wish to ping.


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PostSubject: Re: Ranger Builds   Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:13 am

R-D Scythe Scanner

Recommended Equipment:
Zealous Scythe of Enchanting (Deldrimor Shear is ideal)
Expertise Headgear + Minor Expertise Rune (Higher is acceptable but not nessecary)

A simple modification of the traditional Scythe Spam R-D build that uses the latest Asuran innovations and better energy management. The old version is very very fine-tuned for energy, in a perfect world fine tuning is just great, but in reality you're going to meet mesmers who can sap your energy or environmental affects that penalise it and then you're screwed.

So taking a leaf out of Kavek's books, this version is energy positive and burns a portion of that extra energy on spamming Asura scan on your targets for a massive +75% damage bonus. By trading off the extra +18-20 damage of a better second scythe attackwe can instead blow the energy saved on adding another 80-100 damage through AS.

Furthermore, Dwarven Stability + Lightning reflexes results in you being covered 2/3 of the time by 75% block and 33% IAS, a pretty damn significant defensive/offensive boost.

This build is suitable for almost every situation, but excels in all non-elite areas of Hard Mode and when playing with hero-hench (Where the AI tanks are just too dumb to wall block or ball foes properly and you have to do it yourself)

Either after starting the pull, or by rushing into the foes...

+ Decide on a target
+ Use aura of holy might
+ Cover with dwarven stability to prevent it getting stripped
+ Use lightning reflexes
+ Paint your chosen target with asuran scan
+ Use either reapers sweep or Lyssa's assault
+ Hit 2 and 3 to follow up with 2 more swipes in space of under a second
+ Repeat


- Bring Wounding Strike instead of reapers sweep for spammable bleeding and deep wound at cost of enchantment stripping/damage bonus
- Bring "I am unstoppable" instead of Asuran Scan if tanking is a higher priority than actual damage dealling
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Ranger Builds
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