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 Dervish Builds

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Find and Seek
The Obsidian Guru Hore
Find and Seek

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Dervish Builds Empty
PostSubject: Dervish Builds   Dervish Builds EmptySun Aug 30, 2009 2:07 am

Post any Dervish builds you wish to ping.

Dervish Builds Lyndzs10
Dervish Builds 2ppxwrp
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Shunrei Rozan
Shunrei Rozan

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Dervish Builds Empty
PostSubject: Avatar of Grenth & Avatar of Balthazar   Dervish Builds EmptySat Feb 19, 2011 3:30 pm

Vampiric Avatar of Grenth

Template Code: OgCjoyrDLTLXTXibdf7XwX9g5XA

Build Created By Dark Guardian V & Me

Avatar of Balthazar

Template Code: OgCjkyqDLTLXcfDYib7XuX9g5XA
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I'm Very Important

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Dervish Builds Empty
PostSubject: Derv builds I've seen thrown around.   Dervish Builds EmptySun Feb 20, 2011 8:31 am

Melandru Dervish
Radiant Scythe
Mystic Sandstorm
Whirling Charge
Dust Cloak
Eternal Aura
Vital Boon
Intimidating Aura
Avatar of Melandru
10 Mysticism, 10 Wind Prayers, 10 Earth Prayers, 5 Scythe Mastery

100b Derv
Extend Enchantments
Vow of Strength
Death's Charge
"I Am Unstoppable!"
Sand Shards
Eremite's Attack
Imbue Health
12 Scythe Mastery, 12 Earth Prayers, 3 Mysticism

and I am most interested in trying Avatar of Dwayna builds. Imagine not needing dedicated healers?
Avatar of Dwayna
Heart of Fury
Aura Slicer
Irresistible Sweep
Radiant Scythe
Whirling Charge
Lyssa's Haste
Resurrection Signet
11 Mysticism, 11 Scythe Mastery, 8 Wind Prayers

Dervish Builds 94013b46d332cfd3
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Dervish Builds Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dervish Builds   Dervish Builds Empty

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Dervish Builds
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