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 Spirit Tank?

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PostSubject: Spirit Tank?   Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:50 am

We all probably know by know how powerful the skill Ritual Lord can be, but do you know how effective a spirit really can be at soaking up damage?

Ritual Lord + Recuperation can create e level 25 spirit with 990hp and 150 armor. That's like 80% damage reduction compared to a caster's armor. Armor of Unfeeling further ups it to 90% damage reduction.

In the right places, it can be the new tank. Spawn it in a good corner, pull and run back. As mobs hit spirit for 5-10dmg/hit, spirit have just enough hp to ball up a number of foes and become prime target for AoE attacks. This should work wonders in a trapper team.

An Aatxe in UW normally hitting a caster for 300dmg/hit can be reduced to 30dmg/hit Cool
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Spirit Tank?
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